Laser cutting

  • We have been providing laser cutting services since 1999. We are pioneers of such sevices in Poland. We use the most modern machines, Trumpf and Bystronic, the best recognizable machinery in our trade, warranting the high quality of cutting.
  • We have 19 sheet laser cutting machines, located in 6 service centres in Poland. Our machinery park has been continuously expanded. Beside the cutting of 2D products we have also been providing the service of 3D cutting of pipes and sections.
  • We have CO2 lasers as well as units based on the new fiber laser technology. We work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, to satisfy the expectations of our customers. Short delivery dates is our priority.

Waterjet cutting

  • The first waterjet machine came to our company in the year 2006. A FLOW waterjet machine is the most advanced machine at our service centre. It is equipped with a dynamic head which allows reducing the cutting cone to almost zero. The cutting tolerance is close to 0,01 mm.
  • We have 3 waterjet machines in our company. They make an alternative for laser cutting machines on account of the thickness of the material machined as well as the lack of thermal effects on the material.
  • The waterjet cutting technology allows us to process different materials, practically without limitations. Waterjet machines make a perfect supplement to laser cutting machines.


Bending is the next natural step following the cutting services. We have more than 10 years of experience in that field. We use the machinery of reputable companies, such as EHT or LVD, equipped with laser bending angle measuring systems.

We have 18 bending brakes in our service centres. We bend repeatable series of elements as well as intricate single products or prototypes.

  • All our machines operate based on the LEAN MANUFACTURING standards. That allows us to continuously improve the quality of services provided.