Over the past few years, we have allocated more than 50 million euros for the acquisition of advanced machinery, specifically designed for precise steel cutting, bending, and processing. Our advanced laser cutting machines come from industry leaders such as Trumpf, Bystronic, and BLM. We can laser-cut a broad array of materials, including various types of steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, and copper. In addition to laser cutting, we also offer water-jet cutting, capable of slicing materials up to 150 mm thick – from metal to concrete, wood and stone.

For metal bending, we use modern edge presses from top-tier manufacturers like LVD, Bystronic, and Trumpf. Laser angle measurements, along with our years of practical experience, ensure the outstanding repeatability and precision of our work. To further expand our service offerings, we include additional processes such as deburring, polishing, welding, milling, turning, galvanizing, and painting of metal structures and components. Essentially, our broad range of services is tailored to flexibly meet the diverse needs of our clients.

The integration of cutting-edge technological solutions allows us to handle complex projects with superb quality and ensures rapid turnaround times. This agile approach enables us to manufacture everything from repeatable component series to individual samples, prototypes, and intricate metal structures. Our unwavering focus on innovation and quality is a clear testament to our dedication in fulfilling the unique requirements of our clients, no matter how intricate or expansive the project may be.


We specialize in crafting both individual components and large-scale subassemblies, as well as intricate metal structures for the construction, industrial, maritime and offshore sectors. Our expertise covers technical and support structures, commercial and sports facility constructions, shelters and warehouses and a range of machine and device elements. We also produce assembly components and freestanding aluminum structures for solar PV panels. Our extensive product line features steel beams, angles, frames, brackets, hangers, columns, railings, trusswork, bolts, supports, connectors, and platforms. We offer global transportation, ensuring the clients’ products reach any location worldwide.

INVESTA is committed to continually elevating the quality of both our products and services. We place a high emphasis on using premium steel from the industry’s leading manufacturers while adhering to strict standards in laser cutting, bending, and metal fabrication. Equally important is our dedication to a full spectrum of service offerings, including excellent client engagement, punctual and complete deliveries, as well as meticulous packaging and shipping. These efforts are validated by our quality certifications and the ongoing satisfaction of more than 7000 active clients, including over 200 located across Europe.

We manufacture steel structures in compliance with EXC1 and EXC2 classes. Our welding process follows all guidelines outlined in the EN ISO 3834 standard and our galvanizing procedures are in accordance with the EN ISO 1461 standard. Upholding the highest quality standards in all our endeavors remains our paramount priority.


At INVESTA, our team of over 750 dedicated professionals is our greatest asset. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client service and forging lasting business partnerships. Every order benefits from the attention of both a specialized technical employee and a dedicated supervisor. They maintain open lines of communication with our clients, assisting them in identifying the best solutions for their specific needs. Operating 24/7, our multilingual team is proficient in Polish, English, German, and Norwegian.

Our engineering department alone includes more than 60 experts, each with specialized training in technology and production management. We are dedicated to advancing the professional growth of our employees through continuous education and skill development. Many have chosen to build long-term careers with us, contributing to a team that is both highly skilled and deeply experienced.

Environmental stewardship is central to our ethos. We prioritize eco-friendly technological solutions and sustainable materials. At our facilities, we offer electric vehicle charging stations for our employees and carefully maintain the greenery that surrounds our buildings. Beyond that, we are actively involved in the community, sponsoring organizations committed to enriching the lives of youngsters through sailing programs.


Fabricated steel products
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