• ALUMINIUM – a metal known for almost 200 years. Pure aluminium is soft, plastic and resistant to corrosion. It is a perfect current and heat conductor.
  • The weight-to-strenght relationship makes aluminium increasingly more popular, especially in the transport sector. It is an environmently friendly metal – for recycling only 5 % of the energy needed to produce new aluminium is required. Use of this meteal in construction engineering increases the safety, as aluminium does not burn but melts.
  • Thanks to the wide range of surface finishing methods (lacquering, anodizing, checker plates) aluminium is present everywhere around us. To satisfy the market expectations we have continuously been expanding our range of products and services.

Stainless steel

  • STAINLESS STEEL – it is stainless steel from which everything began. Durable, highly anti-corrosive, aesthetically pleasing and ecological. That material, patented at the beginning of the second decade of the
    20-th century, became an intrinsic part of everyday life. At present it is used to some degree in every field of production and industry. We pride ourselves that in the fact that, in the slightly-more-than one hundred years of the stainless steel history, Investa has covered almost thirty years of it.
  • We have been able – in response a developing and ever more demanding market – to create one of the largest storage and distribution centres for stainless steel in Poland.  Owing to the gradual widening of both the assortment and grade ranges we can offer now our Customers: sheets, pipes, closed sections, round and square bars, angles and fittings for both the food industry and other industries, in all most common dimensions and grades.
  • The network  of warehouses distributed throughout the country allows us to be close to the Customer and satisfy all their needs as efficiently as possible. To be in touch with the Customer is, for us, an important added value. We deeply believe that creation of lasting relationships will help us to constantly widen our offer of products as well as services, maintaning also its high standard.
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Stainless steel
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